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I gave my deck away, now at 27 and going through some challenging adjustments in my life the luminous deck has encouraged me to shine out to the realm. This deck is not only beautifully illustrated however the cultural diversity of the cards really makes me feel like I made the proper choice in selecting this deck. The app that accompanies it is truly spectacular even though somewhat limiting to how to use the deck. Being a moon child myself (cancer) reading with the phases of the moon does seem appropriate. I do wish the app had more spreads to choose from though. I would like to share this power with those I love and the readings the app gives are very private to the reader. This form of reading calls for neither card nor rune, but relies completely on the psychic’s capability to channel and interpret your energy from afar. In doing so, she or he could be in a position to determine any entities or terrible elements that may be affecting your life force, in addition to determine what inner elements you may be grappling with or, conversely, could be using to your knowledge. Nostradamus’s visions had become such an important a part of his reviews that he determined to collect them into one large work for future generations. He called this book Centuries. He deliberate that there could be ten volumes, each containing 100 predictions in quatrain form.
So how is a psychic alternative from a medium? Psychics are those that say they’ve got distinct supernatural capabilities, equivalent to the potential to look into a crystal ball to see the longer term or discern your fate with a deck of tarot cards.

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