can psychic talk to the dead

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Rune stones are divination tools used to aid individuals to make life-changing decisions. They are sometimes made from glass, wood, or stones. They come in sets of 24 stones, if the Elder Futhark alphabet is used, and have ancient letters carved onto them. Repeatedly seeing 12:12 is definitely a divine sign and not a twist of fate, as it’s possible you’ll think. According to Merkabah mysticism, 12:12 is a code portal that, should you enter in resonance with it, prompts your Merkabic field. When this happens, you’re in alignment with the human heart connecting to the Unity Consciousness. So should you see the time at 12:12, you are connecting to the golden light of Christ energy if you want to awaken divine love within you and spark off new energy frequencies to help you evolve with the New Earth. Continue with social life, family, and so on. You don’t have to stick with any particular order, but it’s easier when your mind gets used to a series. Always remember that you must never control; you are only there to aid, and are not a psychologist or a physician. You are a conduit from God to that person.

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